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Sulphuratum is
Not only a giant matchstick


The Sulphuratum is a wooden Sculpture. It comes in various sizes. Its 100% custom. The shadow of the Sulphuratum will move through the day making it unique every second.

100% wood

Made from 100% black forest wood (spruce / fir). The shape is carved into the wood by hand and burned afterwards. Only 2mm of the outer shell are burned with over 1000°C. The main core stays intact and solid.


There are two available sizes right now. "Sulphuratum 1/1" 130cm x 5,8cm x 5,8 cm and "Sulphuratum 1/2" 80cm x 3cm x 3cm.


The "Sulphuratum 1/1" can be wall mounted or free standing. The "Sulphuratum 1/2" comes mounted on a concrete tile which was hand cast.


What's this all about?

about image

My name is Tobias Weinacker. And I always wanted to work with wood to create sculptures and build things.
Some years ago I tried to resize small things into big things by using the same material. After various prototypes I thought a matchstick would be perfect.

Everbody has a box of matchsticks at home. But as an art object its a total different thing. I want to keep it unique. So there arent any Sulphuratums in stock. I want the "Customer" to decide how burnt it is and what quantity he desires.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.